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Fidget Toy is not just a toy to pass time and have fun, it can be used for learning, to fight stress/anxiety , Gift Idea and many more.

Parents/Guardians are wondering where the sudden buzz and love for the Toy came from as kids are so much in love with it  that they can do house shores , home work and in their  best behaviour when promised to be bought a Fidget toy for being a good kid.

There are various kinds and type of fidget toys, Below you will find some of them;

Fidget Spinner:Fidget Toy Spinner

This is a very popular kind of fidget toy where the poppit are made to spin and some of them comes with LED that lights up when it spins.It is fun to play with and the kids love it.


Wacky TracksFidget Toy Wacky Track

Specially loved by boys to play with, so if you are looking for Fidget Toys to buy for boys, the Wacky Track is a great gift idea

Dimple Simple Fidget Toy Dimple Simple

These comes in uniquely large sizes with a very soft and safe to use feel.When popped , it makes a sound and can be used by children in all ages.

Fidget Infinity Cube Fidget Toy Infinte Cube

These are fidget toys patterned in the form of a cube where kids and adults can move the cube around with their fingers to form various shapes and sizes.It aides motor skills and learning ability.Most popular is the Fidget Magic Cube.

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Squishy Ball Fidget ToyFidget Toy Squishy Ball

These helps to fight against Anxiety, Fear and Stress. Mostly used by adults, Autistic kids and people with ADHD.Kids also love it because of the feel they get when they squish the balls.Some of the balls comes in colour changing patterns .

Funny Magnetic Finger Fidget Ring-Fidget Toys Magnetic Ring

These can be used by both adult and kids as it helps fight against boredom, Stress, Anxiety, ADHD , Fear and Many more. If you work from home or in an office where you spend most of your time on the computer and you are looking for the best toy to fight against any form of anxiety, then this is for you.It also helps kids improve their motor skills.


Fidget Toys Among us and various animal characterFidget Toy Among us

To add spice to the way kids sees the toy and to make them always want to come for more and to maybe collect them.There are various pattern and shapes that these Fidget Toys comes in

We have some listed below-

Among us







and many more....

Just recently, we had the fidget toy coin purse, where kids can not just only have a poppit toy but can also put some valuables in the purse, they find it very useful and it is one of the best sought after toy , so far.

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