Kids Love For Fidget Toys

Just recently there has been this buzz about a certain toy or game(not sure what to call it) among kids and young adult; they have fun playing it with why some just want to collect it

It is believed according to some school of thought that it is a sensory toy that helps fight against ADHD, Fear , Anxiety , boredom and also good for kids with Autism, though all these hasn't been proven yet, but the kids really love it.

Parent!!! do you remember  when you were little and your parent bought some new furniture or electronic and you have to beg them for the bubble raps so you can just pop it and hear how it pops??? Yessss, that is just same way it makes them feel and even better.


What has changed?

Now it comes in various character shape and style. We have the Fidget Spinner, Squishy ball, Magnetic rings,Magic Cubes ,Snappers , they fidget toys , etc.The boys have their preferences so as the girls . From experience, customer comes to our shop and buy specific characters for boys and different character for girls; the girls love the Unicorn , Hello Kitty, Flamingos, Butterflies etc, while the boys love their Dragon,Dinosaurs, Game pad or console etc.

The kids really love collecting these fidget toys for various reasons, some to show to their friends others to play with ,we have had cases where parents come to the shop to buy some as a birthday gift for their kids or friends of their kids.

Various online platforms like youtube, Tiktok,  Instagram etc have games that really interest these young ones and i think the toy is going to be here for a long time.

The parents are not left out in this new culture as there  some of these Fidget toys that they can use as a form of stress relief and help calm some tired nerves.we have some that comes in forms of snaps that aids both young and old wiggle their fingers.


Oh yes!!! this is the era of the fidget toys and parents and kids are loving it.