About us

Our Story.

We started this great business around June 2020, selling from our basement in Windsor Ontario.As a customer ourselves, we understood the challenges we face shopping from all the 'big platform' out there ,also ,we needed a platform we could relate and interact with the owners and not just a machine, or someone that will be 'robotic' about their approach towards us.We needed a company that is built and tailored to satisfy our everyday need- that is customer focused and not just  about the numbers.

After putting enough thoughts and research to it, we realized that we are not the only one wanting this kind of services, hence we formed a company that is all about you the customer. All our products are from the request of you the customer.Tell us what you want and how you want it, we promise to deliver in record time.

To further satisfy and pamper our customers that are not really into the online shopping and will need a physical shop to touch and feel their purchases, we opened a physical Shop in Windsor Ontario (956 Howard AV, Unit 1) with the hope of opening more in cities near you if you don't live in WIndsor Ontario.

Our Mission
We want to make you find great products for less. If you are a Lover of Slippers/Sandals , Game /Toys for Adult and Kids , Or craving for something new, fresh, and stylish, then ALIJAYGLOBAL® will help you get the perfect findings!

ALIJAYGLOBAL® offers a massive selection of the latest trending products. We update our website  very often , be sure to always come around so you don't miss out on the Goodies.

Please tell your friends good things about us.

Our large operations keep our costs down, and we pass this advantage on to you with our fabulous prices.

Let us know how we can serve you better.